20% Cash Back On Money You Already Spend!

Spend $300 this week, whether on groceries, gas, restaurants, hotels, salon, and get $60 back!

Save Your Receipts & Get 20Percent Cashback For Them! (2 minutes)

Tresmore Big Data Revolution! (2 minutes)

Tresmore Corporate Overview (2 minutes)

Any of your retail purchases:  Online or Offline, Brand-Name or Local Business, anything with a receipt can be included, up to $1300/month.*

  • No coupons or codes needed.
  • Spend as you always do, at the same places you always go.
  • Use your own credit/debit card:  Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover.
  • This is in addition to any other store discounts offered.
  • There’s even a rewards program for referring others!
  • * Receipts/purchases that are ineligible for receiving rebates include insurance, advertising, utility bills, taxes, service charges, hospital fees, rent, and tuition. You cannot register an online shop that does not have a physical store location. For complete details, see https://www.tresmore.com/FAQ/home.htm.

The compensation chart below shows you how easy it is to cover your membership every month!

Tresmore Comp Plan Chart 171020

Tresmore is a data collection company providing the same valuable data that Facebook and Google do – except Tresmore’s is more valuable, since it’s what people actually spent money on, instead of what they “Liked” or searched for.  

We use referral marketing, also known as network marketing or WOM (word of mouth), to reach people and include them in the data collection.  Our marketing process will facilitate us reaching huge numbers of people very quickly and effectively, creating massive loyalty and long-term results.

This is a simple, clear savings program that anyone can use, where no one gets hurt.  This is the only home biz we’ve seen where EVERYONE should be profitable their first month, just from spending money as they normally do.  And if they enroll only 3 people, their monthly membership fee is covered!

Below – Tresmore Business Presentation, Sep 7, 2017 (19 min.)

Below Left – Tresmore Corp. – How to Upload Receipts (4 min.)
 Below Right – Tresmore Corp. – Advertising Compliance (2 min.)

How To Join Tresmore
To become a Tresmore member, get back to the person who sent you here and either Paypal them the first month’s membership fee or get the bank deposit directions from them.

Are you tired of companies full of hype, with overpriced products, huge start-up costs, hidden costs, and required product purchases to get paid?  How do you like starting over every other year?

Here you can join a company with no “gotchas,” no surprises, and the easiest path to serious residual income.

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